Solitary Iliac Branch Endoprosthesis placement for iliac aneurysms

Published:October 13, 2021DOI:



      Isolated iliac artery aneurysms (IAA), accounting for 2-7 percent of all abdominal aneurysms, are nowadays often treated with the use of iliac branched endografts. Although outside of the manufacturer’s instructions for use, iliac branched devices can be used solely, without the adjunctive placement of an EVAR device, for the treatment of isolated IAA. In this study we aim to describe the outcomes of the use of the Gore IBE device, without support of an infrarenal EVAR device, for the exclusion of isolated IAA.


      This study is an international multicenter retrospective cohort analysis.


      All patients that were treated with a solitary IBE for IAA exclusion from 11-01-2013 up to 31-12-2018 were retrospectively reviewed. The primary outcome was technical success. Secondary outcomes included mortality, intraoperative and postoperative complications, and re-interventions.


      In total 18 European and American centers participated, including 51 patients in which 54 IAAs were excluded. The technical success rate was 94.1%, with an assisted technical success rate of 96.1%. There was no 30-day mortality and a 98.1% patency of both the internal and external iliac artery was found at 24-months follow-up. At 24-months follow-up, 81.5% of patients were free of complications and 90% were free of a secondary intervention.


      Treatment with a solitary IBE is a safe and, at midterm, effective treatment strategy in selected patients with a solitary IAA.
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